Net Zero Carbon Workspace

Bruntwood became the first property company in the UK to sign up to the World Green Building Council Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment back in 2018. We have outlined clear ambitions for all areas under our control to operate at NZC by 2030 and all buildings to have Net Zero embodied Carbon by 2050.

the Alberton will deliver an operationally net zero carbon contemporary office building, considerably improving on the sustainability of the existing building, which is set to be demolished.

  • Targeting BREEAM New Construction 2018 Excellent Rating
  • NABERS UK Design for Performance Agreement 5.5 star
  • EPC A
  • Highly efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems to reduce operational energy and maximise occupant comfort.
  • Glazing detailing that reduces solar gain
  • The pool acts as a heat dump and is warmed using waste heat
  • The pool provides the grey water supply for the building
  • Targeting re-use or recycling of 97% of the materials arising from demolition.
  • Sustainable and recycled furniture and materials are being procured
  • The building and landscaping will provide a Biodiversity Net Gain of over 200%
  • Car free site - removing parking available at the current Alberton House

Zero waste to landfill

As standard practice at Bruntwood, we send zero operational waste to landfill, unless we have a legal obligation to do so.

Work is underway to reduce single-use plastic and the rest of our waste is diverted to recycling plants or used in other ways:

  • Cardboard and paper sent to paper mills
  • Glass re-melted and reformed into glass bottles
  • Plastic made into new packaging
  • Food waste goes to AD Plants (Anaerobic Digestion)

Here, the waste is stored in reactors, to be broken down by bacteria in the absence of oxygen, generating biogas for the national grid.