Character belonging to Manchester

Proposed design

The scheme seeks to reinvent Alberton House and create a new destination in the St. Mary’s Parsonage area which takes advantage of its riverside location. An outstanding ground floor amenity offer in the shape of a cafe/restaurant will provide a day-to-night experience for the building's customers and the public alike - a perfect blend of work and lifestyle in one space.

The proposal is a highly sustainable, net zero carbon building which improves public realm and connectivity around the site, and provides new, high quality office space. The proposal of the unique rooftop wellness centre would make The Alberton a globally leading workspace.

The architectural vision for The Alberton delivers a contemporary warehouse aesthetic, to set it firmly as a landmark destination with character belonging to Manchester.

Enhancing the SRF

A key consideration in the evolution of Bruntwood Works’ proposals for The Alberton the site’s location within the St Mary’s Parsonage SRF. The SRF provides the key contextual considerations and development principles to guide future development proposals and maximise wider regeneration benefits. We summarise below how the proposals are seeking to support the objectives and ambitions of the SRF:

  • A place where people live, work, relax and socialise – the proposals are delivering a new high quality publicly accessible ground floor, which will include food and beverage provision.  The ground floor has been designed to be accessible on two sides, as well as being fully visible, which will deliver much needed active frontage to surrounding streets and improve passive surveillance and animation of streets
  • Thriving and sustainable neighbourhood – the proposals are underpinned by ambitious net zero carbon targets and will create new office floorspace for existing and new business to relocate to the area.  In turn, this will make a positive contribution to the local economy and vibrancy of the local area
  • Host an eco-system of best in class employment – the proposals will deliver genuinely market leading commercial floorspace in the form of Bruntwood Works’ flagship ‘Pioneer’ office design. This will raise the benchmark for office space in the city and will attract the very best office occupiers

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  • Fully integrated and connected into the wider city – connectivity with the surrounding area is a fundamental design principle, with the proposals directly enhancing the quality and accessibility of adjacent pedestrian and vehicular routes, including improvements to the footway approaching the Trinity Bridge
  • Conserve and promote the area’s qualities and characteristics – this part of the SRF is identified for additional height, transitioning away from the Conservation Area towards greatest height in the south west corner. The proposals therefore represent a design, height and quantum of development that optimises the site’s potential and enables the delivery of a contextually appropriate and high quality architectural design, as well as enhancements to surrounding public realm
  • Retention and celebration of the area’s special qualities and assets – the proposed design is rooted in the site’s history, through the articulation of the façade and use of high quality materials and colour
  • Focus on maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment – the proposals will improve the adjacent public highway and ensure the proposed public realm improvements are coordinated with neighbouring landowners to ensure a cohesive and high quality public realm strategy can be delivered.